Three tips to boost the energy in your class

At times, it’s necessary to infuse the classroom with a little energy. Energy can be used to accomplish objectives. Below, I’ll share with you 3 tips […]

Guiding ALL students(optimists and pessimists) to success

Is the glass half full or half empty? How your students answer this question is important. The answer your students give may vary depending on the […]

Building community in the classroom

Building community in the classroom is essential to creating a culture that promotes student achievement. I recently read an article giving a list of 20 tips […]

How to help students become problem solvers

High achieving students are problem solvers. If you want to see an increase in the results from your students, teach them how to become better at […]

Missing assignments and what to do about them

Have you ever looked at your grade book and been frustrated by the number of missing assignments? Zeros obviously have an adverse effect on student grades. […]

What did you learn today?

What did you learn today? That’s a standard question for any student coming home from school. This question has been answered in a number of ways […]

Help students seize the day

To seize the day (in Latin – Carpe Diem) means to give it everything you have in order to move closer to your goals each day. […]

Feelings are allowed

In order to create an environment that helps all students learn and grow, teachers have to be experts in many things other than their content area. […]

Give Hope, Spark Change

As a Social Studies teacher, I always encouraged my students to think for themselves and problem-solve instead of complain. While fear & uncertainty has dominated 2020 […]