Help students seize the day

To seize the day (in Latin – Carpe Diem) means to give it everything you have in order to move closer to your goals each day. In the popular film, Dead Poet’s Society, Robin Williams played a teacher who preached this important message to his students.

As a leader, you will find yourself responsible for things that aren’t entirely under your control. Welcome to the life of a leader. Student motivation can be very challenging at times. It is at these times that parents and administrators are looking at you for answers that you don’t yet have. But the days go on and students are expected to perform and progress. Obviously, building relationships is your number 1 tool. Also making, “Seize the day” a part of your classroom culture is also a great idea.

3 Tips To Help Students Seize The Day

1. Help them to discover their Vision of Success (VOS)

The VOS is what keeps people going forward when they experience resistance on the way to their goals. Many students struggle because they haven’t yet discovered their VOS. Engage students in meaningful conversations and encourage them to reflect in order to discover their VOS.

2. Give more choices

When students feel like their voice has been heard and they have input, they are more likely to buy in and own their learning. Make a point to infuse student choice in your lessons.

3. Emphasize Effort

Many students lose motivation because they are so focused on the pursuit of points. The outcome is more important than the process. Train students by praising effort constantly. If the effort is right, the results will come.

How do you help students seize the day? Please share in the comments section.


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