Feelings are allowed

In order to create an environment that helps all students learn and grow, teachers have to be experts in many things other than their content area. Child Psychology is one of those areas. As a leader, you will have to navigate the feelings and emotions of your students. At times, these things can prevent a student from learning.

How you react to the expression of feelings by your students matters. Your reaction can build a bridge to a stronger relationship and help students learn important life lessons. By embracing feelings in your classroom, you give all students permission to be human. It also helps students to improve in the area of Emotional Intelligence. Students need the practice of problem solving and working through challenging situations that cause them to feel things. I came across the work of Dr. Marc Brackett. He has a new book titled, Permission to Feel and he created the visual below. I encourage you to check out his work because helping students navigate Emotional Intelligence is important. How do you help students build Emotional Intelligence? Leave your tips in the comments section.


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