How to help students become problem solvers

High achieving students are problem solvers. If you want to see an increase in the results from your students, teach them how to become better at […]
Helping students overcome fear of failure

Helping Students Overcome Fear of Failure

The key to helping students overcome fear of failure is in helping them change their perception. I can reassure my kids numerous times that there is […]

Growth Mindset In The Classroom

Getting students to adopt the growth mindset can be a challenging task at times. There are also other distractions and outside factors that teachers have to […]
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Words that do the most damage

Teachers lead and influence through their words. Words can add and they can subtract. The words that do the most damage are the ones that aren’t […]

Making The Growth Mindset Visible

Great leaders encourage everyone around them to grow. What makes tomorrow promising is the attitude of one who is willing to grow. But leaders have to be […]