I have served as an educator of young people in various roles over 10 years including as a teacher and administrator. I have a passion for helping young people learn and grow. As I was pursuing my Doctorate, I realized that the leadership tools I learned about were useful to me as a teacher. That’s when I discovered that Teachers Are Leaders! Through Marvin Byrd, LLC, I equip teachers to lead. By spreading this message, I hope to help change education for the better.

Through my writing, teaching, and research, I also hope to spread a message of inspiration and effective effort to students around the country. My work with students comes from a very personal experience. During my sophomore year in college, I was dismissed due to poor grades. Once I was able to get back in school, I changed my major and discovered my purpose. It was through volunteering at a local middle school that I realized my dream of working in education. To learn more about my story, click here.

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