Commitment to goal setting = Increased student motivation

What works to motivate one student may not be successful in motivating another. However, I do believe that there is one truth that applies to every […]

Encourage students to take risks with this idea

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3 tips to sharpen your innovative teacher skills

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Using Reciprocal Questioning to help students ask better questions

I often told my students that when they entered my class that they were on a journey. Their purpose was to seek information that would ultimately […]

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How to help student break negative thought patterns

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Problem-solving: The unwritten goal

School is where students get much needed practice solving problems. As a teacher, I taught U.S. History, but I also embedded in my lesson opportunities for […]

How to increase rigor in the classroom with word choice

A huge component that leads to increased rigor in the classroom is culture. I define culture as the experience of students in the classroom. As a […]