Give Hope, Spark Change

As a Social Studies teacher, I always encouraged my students to think for themselves and problem-solve instead of complain. While fear & uncertainty has dominated 2020 […]

Creating a more civil classroom environment

As the architect of your environment, it’s the job of the teacher to ensure all students have the opportunity to learn in a civil classroom environment. […]

Self-Reflection questions that yield productive student struggle

Student struggle is an important part of the learning process. It also helps students to grow their capacity to do more. However, students can become impatient […]

How uncorrected student misbehavior dominates a classroom

It’s sad when student misbehavior dominates a class. I can think of a few teachers I had growing up who had a challenging time dealing with […]

3 tips to encourage curiosity in the classroom

When there is curiosity in the classroom, your job becomes less challenging. D. E. Berlyne describes curiosity as “a condition of aroused uncertainty that exists when […]
positive consequences

Positive consequences in the classroom

Using positive consequences in the classroom can transform your classroom leadership. Classroom leadership that employs positive consequences encourages students to take ownership of their learning and […]

Motivate students with the WHY

If you want to motivate students, you have to be willing to experiment. What works for one student is not going to work for another. However, […]

A leader’s guide to student conflict resolution

Student conflict resolution is another responsibility that falls into the lap of a teacher. I want to share with you a strategy I came across that […]

A teacher skill you need to master

There are many teacher skills that are commonly well-known. Planning, Reviewing and Interpreting data and communication are just a few. However, we believe that teachers are […]