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Light the way

I often remind students that they need to chase their vision of success. I learned early in my career that many students didn’t know why they […]

Increase student motivation by giving control

I have learned that great leaders understand that they can get more out of the people they serve by empowering them with control. This can be […]
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From external to internal student motivation

Low student motivation is a challenge that many teachers face. I can remember being so frustrated that all I wanted was for that one student to […]

Pain And Experience

Because you spend so much time with your students, you have an opportunity to influence students and help them make decisions that will shape their lives. […]
taking a risk

Why teachers should take calculated risks

Pushing the boundaries and taking calculated risks is a must for every teacher. Each class, each student will present to you a unique challenge. I realized […]
Open Book

What’s your story?

When the students enter your classroom on the first day of school, there are a lot of questions going through their mind. Primarily, those questions are […]
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Increase Student Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is an important factor in the success of students. Ideally, students enter your classroom with the ability to be self-aware and manage their emotions […]

Growth Mindset In The Classroom

Getting students to adopt the growth mindset can be a challenging task at times. There are also other distractions and outside factors that teachers have to […]

Review Activity Ideas from Douglas Wise

As I was doing research, I came across some outstanding review activity ideas from Douglas Wise. These ideas are quick and easy to execute. Teachers should be […]