6 Opening and closing routines you need to know

Great leaders understand that how you start and finish your class makes a huge difference. A great start prepares the minds of students to acquire and […]

What did you learn today?

What did you learn today? That’s a standard question for any student coming home from school. This question has been answered in a number of ways […]

Help students seize the day

To seize the day (in Latin – Carpe Diem) means to give it everything you have in order to move closer to your goals each day. […]

Feelings are allowed

In order to create an environment that helps all students learn and grow, teachers have to be experts in many things other than their content area. […]

Give Hope, Spark Change

As a Social Studies teacher, I always encouraged my students to think for themselves and problem-solve instead of complain. While fear & uncertainty has dominated 2020 […]

Creating a more civil classroom environment

As the architect of your environment, it’s the job of the teacher to ensure all students have the opportunity to learn in a civil classroom environment. […]