How to give feedback to a student to adjust their thinking

How we respond to students when they are on the road to mastery is important. At times, their thinking needs to be adjusted in order to help them reach their destination. As a result, feedback is important. Also, how feedback is given makes a huge difference. Jim Heal shares with us criteria to help ensure that we are coaching students with purpose. These 2 questions he proposes shows us how to give feedback to a student to help adjust their thinking.

Is my follow-up question effortful? Does it prompt analysis, justification, or detailed explanation?

This question encourages you to think about your words and their desired attention. Unspecific feedback doesn’t get the student closer to mastery and beyond. Take the time to craft your feedback and follow-up questions when responding to student progress.

Is my follow-up question targeted? Does it prompt students to elaborate on the thing I want them to remember and not something else?

Feedback shouldn’t be overwhelming. It should guide the student towards one simple objective. Additionally, students gain trust in their teacher when they learn that when they make the adjustments, good results usually occur.

When thinking about how to give feedback to a student, what strategies do you have to share? Please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.


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