How to Foster the student growth mindset

I often share with students that from our thinking come our actions. We build capacity to accomplish more through our mind by constantly changing the way we think due to new information. If a student doesn’t believe this, it will be difficult for them to make the necessary sacrifices to put forth effective effort in the class. That is why building a culture the focuses on building that student growth mindset is important. Here are 3 tips encourage student growth mindset:

1. Emphasize effort

It costs nothing to give thoughtful and purposeful effort. Stress this point to your students

2. Make time for feedback

Finding time to give individualized and specific feedback to each student can be challenging, but not impossible. Check out this article to discover specific guidelines on what feedback should look like and how to give it.

3. Don’t forget the goals

The learning that takes place through success and failure can help students get closer to their goal. Getting closer to the goal is something work celebrating. Students will need you to remind them of this so that they can go from failure to feedback to learning to success.

What tips do you have to build student growth mindset in your class? Please share in the comments section below.


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