Commitment to goal setting = Increased student motivation

What works to motivate one student may not be successful in motivating another. However, I do believe that there is one truth that applies to every student. And that truth is this: while in school, students greatly benefit from the experience of learning how to set and accomplish goals. No matter what students choose to do after they graduate, whatever they want to do in life will challenge their ability to set and accomplish goals.

Maintaining consistency when it comes to encouraging students to adopt goals and stick to them can be challenging. However, the pursuit of goals can be a built in motivator for students who otherwise would’ve struggled because they didn’t fully find the meaning in the work.

Stephanie Toro wrote a wonderful article that gives tips on how to encourage students to touch base with their goals consistently and monitor their effort along the way. Here is an excerpt from the article:

At the end of each week, allow students time to reflect on their goals for the next week with structured prompts such as the following:

  • What do you think about the choices in goals for the week? (Were they realistic and appropriate? Were they the most needed for growth at this time?)
  • How did you progress toward your goals? (Did you have clear, actionable steps?)
  • What were some of the wins for the week?
  • What are some ways you can continue to improve on your development of these goals?

Click HERE to read the full article. How do you use goals in your classroom? Please share below in the comments section and thank you for reading.


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