Encourage students to take risks with this idea

Creating a culture that embraces risk-taking is a challenge that is worth accepting for any classroom leader. Students will inevitably encounter problems that can’t be solved without taking a risk. You’ll need plenty of tools in your tool belt to help some students understand this reality and respond properly. Below is a post from Brian Whitney. In his post, he gives a couple of ideas to build a classroom culture that embraces taking risks. Here is one idea he proposes:

Create a Risk Taking Wall

Find a location in your classroom to put wild and crazy ideas on display: a creative draft of a topic sentence, a unique—and maybe not even successful—strategy for attempting a math problem, a draft sketch of a solution to an engineering design challenge.

As an extension, you might encourage students to mark up the work that is posted, leaving comments and feedback for their classmate and making the improvement process transparent for all to see!

How do you encourage students to take risks? Please share in the comments below and thank you for reading.


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