How to help students learn from success

Even when students experience success, there is still work to be done to ensure that success can be duplicated. We need to be intentional to help students learn from success. The book, Leader as Coach gives a simple formula for helping people celebrate their success and also learn from it. Here is the formula:

1. Diagnose the Cause

Discuss with the students what factors within the their control contributed to the outcome? Perhaps it was their skill, preparation or attitude. Furthermore, encourage them to celebrate and take credit for their success.

2. Find the lesson

What should the student repeat, improve or avoid in the future? In particular, focus on this question: what else can they do to improve and increase the likelihood of success?

3. Transfer the lesson to a new situation

Identify future opportunities where students can apply the lesson they learned from this moment of success.

If you use the strategy, please let us know how it works in the comments below. Conversely, if you have any strategies to help students learn from success, please feel free to share with the community.


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