Review Activity Ideas from Douglas Wise

As I was doing research, I came across some outstanding review activity ideas from Douglas Wise. These ideas are quick and easy to execute. Teachers should be equipped with numerous review ideas because of the variety to learning styles their students have. See below for 4 of the 10 activities:

1. Letters on the board

Choose a selection of letters and ask student to find fitting adjectives that describe a particular character. For example, take the letters B, F, I and T for Macbeth: brutal, flawed, insecure and tyrannical.

2. Find the page

Read out a quotation or a short passage from one of the texts and then ask students to find the relevant page number.

3. Find the quotation

Pick a range of adjectives that describe a particular character or identify a key theme and get students to find supporting quotations.

4. Similarities and differences

Choose two or more characters and ask students to make a list of all the similarities and differences they can think of within a short period of time.

To access the full list of the review activity ideas in addition to a downloadable word document, click here.


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