The discipline to prepare

Training students to develop the discipline to prepare is a skill that every teacher should acquire and sharpen as time goes by. Time spent training students […]

Do your students have the endurance?

The term ‘rigor’ is used in education to define the level of the challenge that assignments/tasks present to the students. Administrators pay close attention to rigor […]

The seduction of the shortcut

There are times that shortcuts seem a really good idea to adults. Therefore, it’s not surprising that students may look for shortcuts as well. However, when […]

How a leader says “I’m Sorry”

Recently, tech giant Apple suffered a huge embarrassment. It was discovered that third-party contractors were using the Siri Function to listen in on private conversations and […]

A Lesson in Leadership from Amazon

Can you imagine writing down the highlights of another successful school year on a sunny day at the end of May? You would probably mention the […]
Teacher in Deep Thought

Get Your Mind Right

The second you aim to try something different, thoughts of doubt may try to enter your mind and capture your attention. When you share your plans, […]
The Like Switch Book Cover

Breaking the Anger Cycle (The Like Switch Review)

What can a teacher learn from an FBI agent? The answer is, “a lot.” “The Like Switch” is a book written by Jack Schafer. He worked […]
Classroom Leadership

From Classroom Management to Classroom Leadership

Teachers learn through experience that it’s not realistic to expect to be able to execute their lesson without any resistance or distraction. As a matter of […]
man looking up in doubt

Defeating Doubt

As a teacher, defeating doubt can seem overwhelming at times. After all, there are circumstances that are outside of your control that can have an effect […]