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The second you aim to try something different, thoughts of doubt may try to enter your mind and capture your attention. When you share your plans, negativity in the form of friendly advice may present itself to you. It is imperative that you maintain the correct thinking when you are taking a risk and trying something different. You need to get your mind right and keep it right. The unknown and uncertainty can have a paralyzing effect and cause people to stay with what they know. However, this type of thinking will always yield the same results. ALL students deserve better than the status quo. The lesson plans of last year aren’t meant for the students of today. Great leaders aren’t satisfied with the status quo. Leaders assert their influence in order to improve outcomes. Though you may not be able to predict the future and remove any uncertainty, there is comfort in the fact that there are things you can control. Proper planning can improve the likelihood of a positive outcome. That is where your focus should be when you are taking a risk.

The possibility of failure should have no room to exist and grow in your mind because the planning is vital. Proper planning requires all of your energy because it determines the level of the execution. Great ideas become bad ones because of poor execution. Proper planning along with strong execution allows you to correctly reflect on your decision to take a risk. There are fewer moments of self criticism in the form of “I should’ve” or “I wish I …..” As a result, undesired results can be seen as growth opportunities. Your students will feel more at ease taking a risk because of your efforts to put them in a position to succeed.

For more on risk taking, check out the video below. Also, Carol Dweck’s book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success is the perfect place to start learning about what it takes to develop the right kind of thinking when it comes to leadership and helping others grow comfortable taking risks.


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