Classroom Leadership

From Classroom Management to Classroom Leadership

Teachers learn through experience that it’s not realistic to expect to be able to execute their lesson without any resistance or distraction. As a matter of fact, teachers are expected to neutralize the effects off anything that would distract students from learning. This is called classroom management. I believe that there is a term that better describes what teachers are being asked to do. Teachers are being asked to lead. Teachers are being asked to master the art of Classroom Leadership. This is an important mind shift because it illustrates the thinking and preparation teachers have to go through in order to guide students toward success. The most important leader in the school is the teacher.

Teacher preparation programs need to embrace this thinking because future teachers can benefit from understanding early on that they need to develop the leader within them. Such a shift would help with teacher retention because future teachers fully know what to expect even before they begin their Student Teaching. Teachers must be able to effectively lead their students. Gone are the days of the paint-by-numbers discipline protocol. A leader intimately understands the proclivities, potential and challenges for each of those they serve.  In this edition of the Marvin Byrd show, I discuss one important element of classroom leadership that every teacher must master.


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