Self-Reflection questions that yield productive student struggle

Student struggle is an important part of the learning process. It also helps students to grow their capacity to do more. However, students can become impatient or discouraged if they experience resistance that extends the amount of time until they reach the goal. As a leader, you will need to respond to the needs of students in this area.

At times, students who are averse to struggling, will find ways to avoid the feeling that comes with it. This can manifest itself in a number of ways: poor behavior, refusing to do the assignment or academic dishonesty. Your goal is to help students grow to appreciate and learn from time spent struggling. Reflection helps to put things in perspective. Reflection helps students to realize the value in the time they spent trying to figure things out. During my research, I discovered these reflection questions. I believe you will find them helpful in teaching students to learn from their time spent struggling:

  1. Something that I discovered during my practice was……
  2. I used to think _______________, but now I know………..
  3. As a result of my work today, my thinking has changed about________________ because…….
  4. Something that felt tricky at first but got easier later on was…………..

What tips do you have to make student struggle a productive experience? Please leave a comment below.


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