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The qualities of a good teacher

The qualities of a good teacher are many. If you ask 100 teachers, you may end up with a list of infinity. Being that I like to keep these posts close to 300 words, I am going to offer you a more manageable list you can get through in 5 minutes. Lao Tzu sums it up in this quote – “I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.”


Everyone appreciates when things are made simple for them. Simplicity enables students to catch on to the fundamental concepts. Then, when it’s time to stretch them and build a capacity, they have a solid foundation to build upon. Focus on emphasizing simplicity in your lesson plans and instruction. Making the complex simpler for student helps to build self-efficacy. Here is a list of a few things to keep things simple

  • Consistency in planning
  • Use Anchor Charts
  • Constant Review
  • Use music to encourage engagement
  • Create Mnemonic devices and use them constantly


Students will test the boundaries. This happens for a number of reasons but it’s the reaction of the leader that determines what happens after correction or consequences. Leaders hold people accountable. If the student has made a poor choice, patient leaders encourage students to reflect to erase the possibility that the decision will be repeated. With great leaders, forgiveness is free and every day is a new day.


Students are always watching their leader in the classroom. The leader is responsible for creating the environment through their actions words and behaviors. A compassionate leader sincerely cares for the needs of others and this makes students feel safe and comfortable. And when students experience compassion, they learn compassion.

OK, so I know that you have some other qualities that come to your mind. Please take a moment and share in the comments section.


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teacher's desk
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