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Improve writing skills with these tips

I remember early in my career when my administration implemented a push to improve writing skills. For me, the interesting twist was that all content areas were expected to participate. PE teachers were expected to help improve writing skills by having students respond to the same writing prompts the other teachers were expected to administer. I don’t usually write about content specific matters, but its very hard to have an impact on students who are lacking in the area of literacy.

Students must have confidence in their literacy skills. Self efficacy in the area of literacy is a very important deciding factor in effort, engagement, and student achievement. Everything that a student puts down on paper is the result of a thought they created in their mind. As leaders, it’s your job to push students to expand their thinking, create new thoughts and articulate them through written word. Please see the visual below for simple tips to keep in mind as you work to improve writing skills. Lastly, what strategies work for you to improve writing skills? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section.


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student writing
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