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Books Teachers Should Read To Improve Leadership Skills

It goes without saying that teachers should remain lifelong learners. Every day, there are revelations being discovered and shared. Below is a list of books teachers should read to increase their classroom leadership skills. I have read them all and they have influenced my belief that Teachers Are Leaders.

21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership by John C. Maxwell

This Leadership Bible by John C. Maxwell easily goes through these laws of leadership. Because there are 21 laws, you will find that it is also a quick read. You don’t have to plow through the book either. You can take your time thinking about and mastering each law before you move on to the next.

Drive by Daniel Pink

This book offered me an important insight into what works to motivate people. Once I had a better understanding of motivation, my classroom leadership ability improved. This book also grew my capacity to innovate.

Multipliers by Liz Wiseman

This book taught me the mindset that every leader should have concerning those around them. Leaders should use their influence to serve and help others get better.

Ego-Free Leadership:Ending the Unconscious Habits that Hijack Your Business by Brandon Black and Shayne Hughes

Don’t be deceived. Everybody has an ego and it affects their actions. This book helped me to develop my core principles as it relates to giving feedback and helping people grow.

How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

A classic leadership book all the way from 1936, this book has sold over 15 million copies. It has influenced many successful leaders. Many of the motivational quotes you come across, came from this book.

What books have helped you in the area of classroom leadership? Answer in the comments section.


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