How to become a principal

All teachers are leaders. However, not all teachers want to become a principal. But for those that do, this post is for you.  There are extra things you will need to do outside of your classroom to prove your worth and become a principal. Check out these tips to discover how to become a principal.

Lead professional development

Everyone should be constantly learning. Leaders have to set the example for everyone. Leading professional development gives you the opportunity to share your learning and serve as a resource for others. If you want to become a principal, jump at the opportunity to lead PD. Great Building Principals will even allow you a lot of freedom when it comes to planning and executing the PD. This experience is crucial. As a principal, one of your greatest responsibilities is to help teachers grow.

Serve as a mentor for new teachers

Again, you should jump at the opportunity to share your learning and experience. Time working and developing new teachers will give you experience building working relationships with teachers and facilitating growth.

Volunteer for Admin Duties

There are responsibilities that principals would gladly give to someone else if they could. One of those responsibilities is supervising after-school activities. Many schools have arrangements that allow aspiring principals to fill in and cover these duties. Additionally, there are schools that would even allow aspiring principals to sub as principals in the event of an absence.

Serve on committees

Depending on your experience, committees can have a good or bad reputation. Committees can be a positive force of change and growth or they can simply be a rubber stamp for whatever the building or district administration has decided to do. The reason I am suggesting you serve is because it gives others an opportunity to see you. As you serve, you develop a reputation and the necessary people begin to talk about you and consider you for openings.

Stay in touch with your why

You WHY is essential to who you are. It gets you up in the morning. It keeps you going during those difficult moments. WHY you became a teacher draws people to you. It inspires them and makes them feel good. Stay in touch with your WHY and you will continue to do a great job. You will also be noticed by colleagues and decision makers. Teachers who are internally motivated by their WHY are the future principals who are change makers. They don’t coast while earning a higher salary. They are positive problem solvers who love to serve others. As a result, they make great leaders.

So there it is. If you want to know how to become a principal, this list is a great place to start. What are you doing to help yourself make the transition from the classroom to administration?


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