The one thing fuels preparation

As a teacher, preparation is your best friend. Preparation enables you to deliver a focused lesson plan that allows the students follow and engage. However, preparation is more than just lesson plans. Ensuring the success of your students requires you to give attention to all the details that go into the experience of being in your classroom. Using your influence to establish a culture of learning is important yet very challenging. Great preparation requires an added ingredient if the results are going to be optimal because you always have to be thinking ahead. Great leaders prepare for the future by holding themselves accountable to take proper action well in advance. Accountability fuels preparation. Those who excel at preparation don’t wait for things to happen, they cause them to happen by taking action before others do. Here are some things you can do to increase your accountability and power your preparation:

1. See it through their eyes – Be very thoughtful about what the experience is like in your class for your students. Sit in a student desk and try to feel what they feel. As ideas come to your mind, make note of them. Remember, you should always be thinking about how you can improve the experience for your students. This doesn’t mean you have to entertain them, but it does mean creating a safe and comfortable environment for your students to learn.

2. Data is valuable – In many organizations, data is used to impact future results. Don’t neglect the data students generate. Use it to help you innovate and make adjustments to your lesson plans and teaching strategy. It also gives you the advantage of being able to “see around the corner” to spot where students may struggle.

3. Reflection is key – Ask questions about how the lesson went and the progress of the students. Reflection gives you insight and allows you to see opportunities to help students grow.

4. Follow through on your promises – When you speak, the students need to know they can trust your words. You can’t have a great culture in the classroom if the students can’t trust you. It takes accountability to stand by your word. Be proactive to make sure your words matter.

Accountability speaks to a leader and reminds them that they must act without delay. Hold yourself accountable and your students will reap the benefits.


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