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What does reflection look like?

As a teacher and a leader, reflection should be a part of your daily routine. It helps you to duplicate the things that went well and make the necessary adjustments when you need to. The art of reflection helps leaders to meet the needs of the people they serve so that a winning streak is right around the corner. But what does reflection look like? How does one engage in reflection?

It is as simple as sitting down and thinking about how the lesson went and where you are taking your students. You can review data, your observations or student feedback. Question what happened and why. Attempt to answer those questions as best you can. I recently came across an article written by a librarian who transitioned into a formal leadership position in the district office. He lists 4 questions that I think are a great place to start for any teacher trying to get into the habit of reflection. They are:

  1. What was expected to happen?
  2. What actually occurred?
  3. What went well and why?
  4. What can be improved and how?

You can find the full article here (Read Time 7 minutes).


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