Helping students embrace productive struggle

Students may not be too excited to embrace the idea of productive struggle. However, time spent in the struggle is important because it stimulates brain growth […]

Growth Mindset phrases to adopt for your classroom

Equipping your students with growth mindset phrases ensures that students are able to combat the negative feelings that sometimes accompany failure. As the architect of your […]
Student mistakes are good

Mistakes are good. Here’s how to convince your students.

One of the greatest challenges for any teacher is convincing students that mistakes are good. Many students live with the fear of getting it wrong, especially […]
student procrastination

Student procrastination and how to combat it

Student procrastination is probably at an all time high during this time of distance learning. Students have more independent study time than they have ever had […]
Student Grit

Student grit and how to increase it

Student grit is still an important factor when it comes to student achievement. Obviously students who are lacking in this area are capable of succeeding. It […]