Pain And Experience

Because you spend so much time with your students, you have an opportunity to influence students and help them make decisions that will shape their lives. […]
taking a risk

Why teachers should take calculated risks

Pushing the boundaries and taking calculated risks is a must for every teacher. Each class, each student will present to you a unique challenge. I realized […]
Open Book

What’s your story?

When the students enter your classroom on the first day of school, there are a lot of questions going through their mind. Primarily, those questions are […]
grumpy monkey book cover

Increase Student Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is an important factor in the success of students. Ideally, students enter your classroom with the ability to be self-aware and manage their emotions […]

Growth Mindset In The Classroom

Getting students to adopt the growth mindset can be a challenging task at times. There are also other distractions and outside factors that teachers have to […]

Review Activity Ideas from Douglas Wise

As I was doing research, I came across some outstanding review activity ideas from Douglas Wise. These ideas are quick and easy to execute. Teachers should be […]

Build great teacher habits

Your capacity to grow is found in your teacher habits. Therefore, it’s important to ask yourself, “Do I have good teacher habits?” How you begin your […]
medical supplies

Words that do the most damage

Teachers lead and influence through their words. Words can add and they can subtract. The words that do the most damage are the ones that aren’t […]